Manufacturing Consultants
Helping Your Company to Become More Efficent

Do these terms all sound like 'double dutch' to you?

Do you see them as just for corporate companies and out of reach?

Let us at Dubble Dutch help you to make sense of all this. We have over 20 years lean manufacturing experience, and can help improve your efficiences.

We have helped train companies such as:
Vauxhall, Aerospace, BNFL, Heinz, Saab, ASSA, The Manufacturing Institute, Great Lakes Chemicals, Caterpillar, The Royal Navy, amongst others.

We can help you with any or all of this list, with tailor-made packages to suit you, from DIY training aids to full implementation.

Our website is still under construction and will hopefully be completed soon, in the mean time if you wish to contact us please e-mail us on

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